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Changing the match finder?

Can staff please look into changing the match finder and take away the option of seeing if teams are premium or not.

Most teams that are going on records now are only doing it because they can tell if teams aren't so good ( non-premium teams 95% of the time are new teams on the site )

This makes it so a team can go on 300+ win streaks by only accepting teams that aren't very good for example 11-58. It's just taking the competitiveness out of the site.

If it was taken from the match finder teams will be forced to play every kind of teams good and bad ( not just bad )

Just a thought.


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In my opinion, non premium teams are ofteb booters and they want cmrs to solve all their disputes... other than that i do agree
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My IW team is not premium and we have over 100 matches played. A match with two premium teams rewards more xp (25% or something like that), which is a reason why they show it. I've gone up against many 50-0 type teams and they're usually pretty dang good. Surely there are teams out there that abuse the system to only play bad teams, but removing the premium symbol won't fix that.
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