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StarCraft II Match Setup Tutorial

MLG Play Guide

  • How to Create an MLG Account

    • You can register for free at any time by going to the top left corner and clicking the "Sign Up" link or by going directly to the account signup page.

  • Creating a Team

    • Enter the arena by finding it in the console navigation bar. Each game is categorized by the console it appears on.
    • Select the Ladder you wish to compete on from the Ladders drop-down. On the right side, you will see a "Join this Ladder" link. Alternatively you may create a team under "Get Started" on the arena homepage.

  • Team Management

    • Team management is performed from your team’s profile page. This page can be easily accessed by visiting “Teams” from the top navigation bar on the Major League Gaming website.
    • Editing your roster will allow you to invite new members to your team. Search for the player you wish to invite by looking up their username, email address, or gamertag.
  • Joining a Team

    • You will need to be on a team in order to compete on our arenas. Once invited to a team you will receive a notification to accept or decline an invite to a team.
  • How to Create or Accept a Match

    • The Match Finder is a tool used to quickly and easily find a match. The Match Finder allows you to accept an existing challenge or to create a new challenge for the entire community to see.
    • The Match Finder is within each ladder in a given arena. You can visit the Match Finder by selecting the Match Finder tab within a ladder.

    • There are two ways to find a match using the Match Finder:
      1. Accept an existing Match Finder challenge - View the match details when accepting a match for information on the match.
      2. Create a Match Finder challenge of your own - Fill out the required information, including the time, date, and amount of players.
  • How to Report

    • Once a match has finished, the Leader of each team must report the final score on the Major League Gaming website. To report, visit your team’s profile page. Under the “Upcoming & Recent Matches” section, you will find a listing of all accepted challenges. Find the match which needs to be reported and click the corresponding magnifying-glass icon , this takes you to the match report page.
  • How to get Assistance

    • If there are disagreement on the match outcome the match will enter into a dispute.
    • You can submit a ticket by going to Tickets and Escalations. You can get to your tickets by going to the drop-down located in your username in the upper left-hand corner.
    • When preparing your ticket, be sure to select the correct Ticket Category, Team and Match ID. Attach your proof to the ticket using the URL boxes provided.
    • Once you have submitted your ticket, the match will be reviewed. Post-match support from a member of staff is guaranteed for Premium matches.
    • For further information please see the support page of your arena and select match, arena or other support.

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Thank you for sharing such valuable information.
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