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HELP!!! Scuf Gaming Controllers

I am looking to buy a new controller and i was hearing alot about the scufs. any other info to help me and any info on scufs and which variants/addons?
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Scuf is they only "variant" I would recommend if you are looking to Buy a "scuf like" controller, they are well made, have good features, the XBOX 360 version does have a few extras go figure, I however use the PS3 one, but there are a few things I would probably change.

1) the price is about 110 bucks plus 12 dollars shipping, some of their controllers offer rush shipping which shrinks your wait time buy about 2 weeks. the rush fee is an extra 25 bucks (US)

2) I recommend the coating on the back its a nice feel, it actually does hep hold the controller.

3) the color is up to you however I prefer simple but they have some cool looking faceplate's

the controller is a genuine PS3 controller, not a Chinese knock-off, the customer service is good, and the quality of the work is nice.

however the paddles for me seem to need just a tad too much pressure to depress to activate the buttons, if they were more sensitive i wouldn't have a problem, also the pads take a little getting used to as they are essentially a few millimeter spacer for your middle finger, since they are positioned right were your middle finger most likely rests.

and maybe this is just mine, but my friend says his is just fine, but i know i like a sensitive controller one that the L3 and R3 don't require much pressure to click. however my old controller was nice smooth and after long game times wouldn't hurt my thumb, this one does seem to need a tad bit more pressure to click the sprint / L3 button.

all in all after some game time you will get used to it, im still getting used to it for my self, but not too bad. i also did add 2 to my sensitivity on my game though lol.

over all not a bad investment, but I do like the Gamer grip at first it rubs in but it doesn't feel too weird but while your holding your controller you cant even tell BUT it helps keep your hads from getting sweaty.
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