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Gamebattles FAQ - Dota 2 Creating a Team & Playing a Match

Creating a Team on Gamebattles:
  • First go to Gamebattles and log in with your MLG / Gamebattles Username or create a new account if you do not already have a MLG / Gamebattles Username by going HERE.
  • Click on the PC tab at the top and then select the DOTA 2 Ladder
  • On the right, click on Create a Team tab in Blue.
  • Create a team by selecting “Join the Dota 2 X Ladder” and filling out all the required info on the page

To join the MLG $5,000 DOTA 2 Team Ladder, please go HERE

Inviting Players to Your Team:
  • When viewing your team’s profile there is a link to Edit Roster. Select "Edit Roster"
  • From there you simply locate a registered player using either his or her username or email.
    Please note that a player will not show up in the GameBattles database until they have logged into the GameBattles site. Make sure everyone you’re inviting has registered, activated and then logged into Gamebattles
  • Free Agent – You can also invite free agents to your team by selecting them from the Free Agents list.

Steam Player Name and Steam ID:
  • When creating a team, you will need to include your Steam Player Name and Steam ID
  • When joining a team, you will need to include your Steam Player Name and Steam ID
  • If you are already on a team, and did not include your Steam ID, your team leader will need to go to the "Edit Roster" page from your Team Profile and enter it.

Finding a match on Gamebattles:
  • While in your team’s profile you’ll see a ‘Team Control Center’ on the right, listed under is Find a Match. From there you can view available matches using the filtered search.
  • Show Matches will display the challenges sent from other teams for the specific time selected (you may choose the time and search again)
  • Choose a match

Creating a Match Find Challenge:
  • Select the blue Match Finder Challenge
  • Set the time you wish to play
  • Set your roster by checking their name
  • Make sure you Read and Understand all the rules then select “I agree to the above rules” and post match
  • Now you will need to wait until a team selects your challenge

Once you select a Match, or a Team selects your Match:
  • Once your challenge is accepted, or you have selected a match from Match Finder, it will be displayed on your Team Page under Matches
  • Play your match at the time selected, using the rules agreed upon

Claiming and Using MLG Server:

Information to come

Reporting Matches:
  • Click on the magnifying glass on your Team Profile next to the match and report the scores

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