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Looking for the most competitive team here

I am a Diamond V ranked TF1 player and a TF2 player who maintains a 2-3 K/D consistently in all games in the social ladders and I am looking to join the most, or one of the most competitive teams here.

I used to play competitive Halo 1-3 for MLG and attended many tournaments, and I'm familiar with what's needed in the competitive gaming scene. These days since I own my own company I have the freedom to practice and scrim with my team as often as needed, and am ready to get back into competitive gaming..

I am an excellent communicator, and have some of the best situational awareness you will find. Anyone looking for one of the most bad ass TF players on console, send me a message or just check out my feed to see my play style in my clips. Or let's play some games.

Gamertag is Menace IX
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