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they getting little to annoying wit these banneds

They are banning everyone after1 dispue. You got people disbanding at like 2 hours and 50 min and iwe can't get proof in so ewwe get banned after 1 dipute when it wasn't our fault u should get rid of crms
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Testing the Waters

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I agree and disagree. It goes two ways, some kids miss the dispute (sleeping or just sign off) and never put in a ticket and get their team locked for a week. but then there is kids who idc to name(and if u do alot of cmrs you know who iam talking about, especially blops, that dispute everything and lose and get away with it. Either way it goes, cmrs is a way for try hards to get a free win which is just bad. Just submit a ticket if u feel they will dispute and thats the best you can do.
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